The Grand Lodge of Freemasonry for Men and Women

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Per Ardua ad Spiritus
Spiritus est qui Unificat

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Great Britain

The Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge of Freemasonry for Men and Women has been formed by Masons in order to preserve the Antient Landmarks of Freemasonry set out in the Annie Besant Concord formalised after the 1902 formation of the first Lodge in Great Britain.

The key principle that all Masons uphold and work towards is the creator of all things we know in the West as 'God', but generally defined as the Supreme Being recognised in all religions.

The Grand Lodge upholds the equality of both Men and Women as practising Masons, without distinction of race, creed, colour, gender or social condition. Masonry recognises all those sincere seekers of truth who work for humanity or to become better examples to others in the conduct of their lives. Freemasonry offers a rich and ancient cultural heritage in allegory and symbol for our spiritual education and the Grand Lodge has made the study of the Masonic heritage and its spiritual insights a keystone of our work.

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