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Per Ardua ad Spiritus
Spiritus est qui Unificat

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Great Britain

The Grand Conclave

The Grand Conclave is the name of the medieval Commanderies of Knights Templar and was chosen to distinguish the difference between the Craft Degrees of the Grand Lodge and the ‘higher degrees’ of the 4th to 33rd of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. All degrees from 4th to the 33rd are ceremonially worked within the Grand Conclave in England, Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia.   The rituals of the degrees as worked in this Order follow the Northern Jurisdiction of America as officially recognised from 1801. An alternative ritual of the 18th degree Rose Croix of Heredom follows the Ancient and Accepted Rite. The Supreme Council is composed of thirty third degree masons representing each of the countries committed to the Grand Conclave of the Fraternity of The Grand Lodge of Freemasonry for Men and Women.

The Ancient and Scottish Rite Degrees ceremonially perform the Lodge of Perfection, 4th - 14th degrees;  Council of Princes of Jerusalem, 15th - 16th;  Chapter of Rose Croix, 17th- 18th;  19th – 30th  degrees  both in England and Bulgaria. The 31st, 32nd and 33rd degrees are ceremonially held in London, England. In this Order the deviation from the A & A Scottish Rite occurs in the 17th and 18th Degrees where an extra Ritual from the Ancient and Accepted Rite is offered to non-Christians; thus embracing the ethos of the Grand Lodge whereby all creeds professing a belief in God may complete all the degrees within the  Grand Conclave.

The Supreme Council expects of its members such principles that unite men and women in the pursuit and attainment of the purposes inherent in unity, peace on earth, goodwill and devotion of and to the principles essential to Freemasonry.

Although the Scottish degrees are numbered, it is not to imply that masons who have achieved these degrees are of ‘higher’ rank.  The highest degree in Freemasonry is the sublime degree of Master Mason or 3rd degree given in a blue lodge.

Members of the original Supreme Council

Supreme Council - Sovereign Grand Commander : The V.Ills Bro. Valerie Coles 33º

Members of the Grand Conclave : Great Britain, Bulgaria and North Macedonia

The following degrees are active ceremonially :