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Per Ardua ad Spiritus
Spiritus est qui Unificat

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Great Britain

Lodge Arbor Vitae No. 1

The Lodge aims to encourage spiritual development of its brethren through the Masonic mysteries.

The special work of this Lodge is to emphasise the spiritual development of man through the allegory and symbolism of the Masonic legacy brought down to us today from ancient times. The mysteries change names and have been with us from time immemorial and are perpetuated in the Masonic traditional ceremonial. We are all part of the temple of life and discovering the unity which embraces us all through working together on our development;  to find and understand the unity of spirit which makes us all one, regardless of what differentiates us in our daily lives. This awareness brings with it a responsibility for our own moral development and our rightful place and duties within society.

Meeting Details : To be announced.

The Tree of Life

Lodge Arbor Vitae is the Mother Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry for Men and Women, having left the Order of International Co-Freemasonry by unanimous choice it carries that honour. Although there has always been a Lodge for men and women in Letchworth  for over 100 years, the new beginning brings a new emphasis and marks the Lodge as a young, enthusiastic Lodge desirous of proving its teaching of freemasonry to the community at large. Arbor Vitae holds an open meeting each year at which illustrations of the Masonic working and study can be seen. The members of the Lodge are always ready to discuss freemasonry with serious minded persons who wish to consider joining. A book of information on the precepts of the Order can be obtained from the Grand Secretary who will assist candidates to meet with senior members of the Lodge.